For every repair we donate 1 lb of food to a non-profit, no kill animal shelter!

Battery / Screen Phone Repair

Battery / Screen Phone Repair

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Some of Our services

  1. Screen repairs 
  2. Glass repairs
  3. Lcd repairs
  4. Battery installs
  5. Cameras
  6. Camera lens
  7. Charge ports
  8. Ear speakers 
  9. Loud speakers
  10. Headphone jack
  11. Mics
  12. Proximity sensors
  13. Frame bend
  14. Corner Damage
  15. Back glass
  16. Watch batteries
  17. Keyfob batteries
  18. Link adjustment /change
  19. And much more

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Who are we?


We are a local, family owned business dedicated in providing our community with  the highest level of professionalism in the cellphone repair industry.

Repairs For Rescues


We are passionate in contributing to animal rescues! Your cell phone repair will help a local NO KILL animal shelter or rescue group. For every repair, we donate 1 lb of food to a local animal shelter/rescue! Remember...ADOPT! DON'T SHOP!!! 


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


We are dedicated in providing YOU with the most competitive pricing, fastest service and highest quality parts available for your phone repair!!!