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  • Super professional, talented and friendly service at a fraction of the cost of the big names. Levy and his team can explain to even low tech guys like me what they challenge is and what is needed to get you back in business! Very much appreciated.

    Leon S. ,
  • Levi was amazing. He managed to rescue my husband from his own mistakes. Levi also did this for a great reasonable price for my husband which is unbelievably wonderful. He’s a great guy

    Sandi M. Hawaii, Hilo
  • A solid repair job, came in to get the display fixed. In and out about 15-20min

    Adrian C. ,
  • These guys are great. They repaired my iPhone 7 in a flash and charged me a reasonable rate. Highly recommend them

    Kathleen B. ,
  • We just left Hawaii Cell Phone Repair after bringing our parent’s ancient laptop and in because it was running so slowly. Levi was amazing! He showed our girls all the components that he used to decorate the Christmas tree on the counter and asked them if they recognized any of them. He explained what was going on with the computer, uninstalled a program which helped the speed a lot and told us that he wasn’t going to charge us “for doing nothing”. Well Levi, we don’t consider what you did for us “nothing”. Mahalo Nui Loa Levi! We really appreciate you!

    Also, another shoutout to Levi, he makes a donation of a pound of food to a no kill shelter through Repairs for Rescues!

    We will definitely be back whenever we need computer, tablet and cell phone repairs! Thank you Levi!!

    Lissa D. ,
  • I called in advance and he said come on in he was so cool I dropped my phone a couple weeks ago and my phone started shutting on and off I handed him my phone and it took less than 5minutes for him to swap out my battery and fix it he showed me a cracked battery and explained to me why my phone was acting up….AWESOME SERVICE BRO thank you and I’ll definitely be coming back for anymore repairs

    BJD Productions ,
  • This company gets it. They don't beat around the bush and they know what they are doing. If you are in Hilo save yourself the time going to other places that can't fix your phone when they can many ways with h different options. Professional and fast. Great people here!!

    Steve L. Salt Lake City, UT
  • They were quick and the price was good. I'd definitely recommend if you have a problem with your phone.

    Jonnell T. Upland, CA
  • Usually with cell phone repair I'm always scared to go in, know how long it'll take, and how much it will cost. With Hilo only having a few selections, I inquired with Hawaii cell phone repair and they were QUICK! My phone was glitching and flickering so I took it in to them. I explained what happened, they ran diagnostics quickly and explained what was wrong. They have quality customer service, very welcoming, and they fixed my phone in 2 hours. The price was worth it! Thank you again!

    Darrian M. CA, SoMa, San Francisco,
  • Highly recommend this company for such a speedy service. I was having a melt down as I needed to fix my damaged device. I searched a few businesses that showed up first from my Google review and I am so glad we found this one. Got my phone fixed in less than a hour.!!!

    Ihungry B. HI, Waianae
  • 5.0 star rating9/8/2022 they replaced my cell phone screen today. excellent. answered the phone right away. clear, direct, friendly communication. efficient, affordable service. charged less than half of what mac made easy quoted me and finished the job in a fraction of the time. also- when i walked up there were about 2-3 people finishing up their transactions with him, but he still was able to acknowledge me and keep the wheels of production moving. just all around great- mahalos

    Nora D. CA, Santa Cruz,
  • Helped us quickly! Very kind and affordable, fixed my phone in good time

    Taylor Boyle Hawaii, Hilo
  • The service was awesome! Levi was so open to help and was able to complete what i asked in less than 5 minutes! My camera on my iphone 12 pro max broke and he did it within seconds, i was so happy and the prices were cheap. i recommend this place to anybody in hawaii. there very nice and has a well built building and nice indoors. If you ever break your phone, this is the place to get it fixed!

    Kiara Paaluhi HI,
  • Fast and friendly service! Went in for a broken screen display and had it fixed in less than an hour for a reasonable price. an awesome job, my iPhone is like brand new again, works as it should and no problems with the touchscreen. Mahalo again for the repair!!

    Maria Cabbab HI,
  • Professional, fast, CHEAP and overall just an awesome experience working with them. Would highly recommend to everyone and will use them for all future phone repair needs. Plus all items in stock no need to wait a week or two!!!

    Mahalo braddahs,
    Reds Unlocks & Services

    Kanoa Wilson HI,
  • Needed to replace my 2019 Honda Accord key fob and Levi Replaced key battery and in my spare in less than a minute. Easy to find, knowledgeable and great customer service. I really recommend Hawaii Cell Phone Repair.

    Kelli Paaluhi HI, HILO
  • Very fast service! Super knowledgeable and helped me understand my phone better. Highly recommend!

    ROAPP Hawaii HI,
  • Great and qiuck service. Very knowledgeable !!!!

    Sheila White HI,
  • So incredibly helpful and quick! I called about half an hour before closing because i cracked my camera lens. They offered to wait for me to repair it and they did it 25 minutes!! Great customer service!

    sophia grioni HI,
  • I would NEVER go any where else. Fast, helpful service at very reasonable costs. Ask for Levi, the owner who is the most helpful. 5 Stars for

    Elizabeth Dacus HI, HILO
  • Came in for a factory reset on my old phone. Love the professional service. Would recommend 100% to come in for repairs in the future

    LunarFox Azn808Ryoma HI,
  • I some how cracked the cover for my phones camera and searching for a place to get it fix. Saw this as the number one place to get your phone fixed so I gave it a try. Grant was awesome and professional, had my estimate ready and ordered the part I needed to have it fixed and within a less then 3 hours had it fixed...now I was thinking this was going be pricey but freaking 31.00 was a steal. Thank you so much Grant, I know where to go when I break a phone.

    Elohim M. ,
  • Great fast professional service rendered. Got my screen replaced and a new glass cover put on, very happy with work performed on my cell phone. Thank you!!!! Recommend this place! Has used phones for sale too!

    Eve H. HI, Hilo
  • Levi was very helpful and informative when I brought in a phone to be fixed today. He went above and beyond in helping me understand how to get the most out of my phone’s battery when using a solar system for charging. Definitely recommend Hawaii Cell Phone Repair.

    Danielle B. HI,
  • I dropped my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra taking a picture while on vacation. The screen had gone completely dark, but was obviously still working as I could still answer calls just by knowing where to swipe. The Verizon store folks were happy to get me into a new phone (as they always are), but I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to transfer everything over without being able to see the screen. Fortunately, they referred me to Hawaii Cell Phone Repair. With not much hope and a window of only a few hours before I needed to head back to the other side of the island for a long flight home with no phone, I stopped in to see if they could help. This Rockstar (so sorry I can't recall your name) was able to get it back up and running and looking like new. A very big Mahalo to you my friend! It was an expensive repair, but I knew that going in. Overall I felt I received great value, quality work and service that was second to none!

    Chris S. ,
  • Went to this company and had a issue with my phone screen and the guy there did an amazing job he fixed my samsung phone up in less than an hour and at the best price in town as I have called around many others that we more expensive. They are awesome and have great attitude and work ethics very much recommend this place for your phone repairs as they are honest and not trying to gouge you on prices . Thank you Hawaii cell phone repair you got my business here on out!

    Richard A. HI, Pahoa
  • Levi greeted me the minute I walked in, while he was servicing a phone and another customer was there. The office was clean and air-conditioned. I felt welcomed even though I had to wait five minutes. He changed my iPhone 8 cracked screen in no time and recommended other items in case I was interested. Very professional, friendly and honest. I highly recommend Hawaii  cell phone repair. Best place in Hawaii to repair your cell phone!

    Laurel S. HI, Hakalau
  • The battery in my watch had died and I didn't want to drive up to the mall to get it repaired. Not worth the drive. I looked here and only saw a couple of places that did battery changes, one being Hawaii Cell Phone Repair and the other a jewelry store. Asked for a quote and got an immediate response from HCPR. Jewelry store took a couple of hours and didn't really communicate anything more than a price and to call them. HCPR was flexible with times and gave me an estimated wait of about 15 minutes. I got to HCPR today and it took about 5 minutes to be done! While I was waiting, I saw a poster with a Rottweiler saying, "Repairs for Rescues". It turns out the owner makes a donation for every repair he makes. How awesome is that! Not that I want anything else of mine to break, but if it does, I'll definitely be looking to come back to HCPR!

    Cassandra K. ,
  • My wife and I went to Hawaii cell repair today to get a new phone and spoke Levi. He discussed all the options we had and took the time to make sure we had no questions. We ended up buying one of the iPhones he had for sale and we are extremely happy with the phone we got and also with his customer service. We will be sure to recommend any of our friends here.

    Nayelis C. ,
  • Super fast service from Levi today. My older iPhone SE's battery has been dying too fast each day, zooming down to 19%, so I gave Levi a call and he said he had extended life batteries in stock and to come in, and that it'd take only 15 minutes or so. There are a number of on street parking spots right near his shop on Kinoole. I walked in - Levi put his mask on (thanks) - and he said it'd probably be even faster than 15 minutes and it was! I think he had the battery replaced and I was out of there to my next errand in under 10 minutes. Fantastic! Real friendly/knowledgeable. He fixes tablets and other types of phones as well.

    Shane L. Hi,
  • I'm so happy to find this place. They even stayed open for 10 minutes so I can clean my phone while I was running late, a lot of places would of said no! Love the fact that they support animal rescues. 10/10

    Christian P. ,
  • These guys are great! I went to another nearby "computer" store where I waited two weeks for a replacement battery for my iPhone 7, drove down from Volcano for the fix only to hear that their tech was not available. I could leave my phone for a couple days, NOT! I received refund and looked up Hawaii Cell Phone repair and drove the three blocks to their location. They had my battery replaced in 10 minutes!!! It turned out to be less expensive than the other specialty store.

    Tim D. Hi,
  • Levi was great at explaining the process and the turnaround time was amazing! They even offered a military discount which was great. If you need repairs, I'd absolutely recommend Hawaii Cell Phone Repairs.

    Taryll M. Hi, HILO
  • My car key fob died on me and didn’t know what to do. Googled and found this shop just minutes away. I was in and out with both key fob batteries changed in minutes and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg to get it done!!!

    Sherri Lee P. Hawaii,
  • Excellent work and outstanding customer service!! I thought years of priceless memories were gone for good, but despite a brutally damaged Samsung s9 phone and an inability to access anything on it because of an inoperable screen, Levi amazingly worked his magic and was able to retrieve all of my data on it. All of my pictures, videos of my son's amazing journey winning the Pony 13-U World Series Championship this past summer, and even voice messages of my dad who passed away 3 years ago were salvaged. No words can truly capture how grateful I am for his help and patience. He gave me back irreplaceable treasures!! I highly recommend Hawaii Cell Phone Repair for any problem you may have with your phone, especially if someone else told you there was nothing you could do. Trust me... if anyone can find a way... Levi can!!

    Rachelle A ,
  • Levi was the greatest! I live in Texas and my son lives in Hawaii. I spoke to Levi twice and he helped me get a new phone for my son, his last from mom, I might add..... Seriously - what a great experience! I asked Levi to get me out the door under $300.00 with a good phone, and he did! Never did I once feel like I was getting cheated! Doesn't happed like this very often! Thank you for the great service!!!

    Kimberly H. ,
  • I got salt water damage in my iPhone X which made my screen unresponsive to touch on one of my first days when I was in Hawaii on vacation. I was recommended to this place by another phone repair store that didn’t have the iPhone X screen in stock. The service at Hawaii Cell Phone repair was great. He was extremely helpful and seemed to genuinely care about my situation. I’m so thankful that he was able to help me so quickly and have my phone repaired within an hour so I could get on with my vacation. Oh also, this company donates one pound of food per phone repair to a no kill animal shelter which is just amazing :). Would highly recommend to anyone! Life saver, thanks so much! Claire Toronto, Canada

    JC T. ,
  • Excellent service. Friendly and quick. They installed a new charging port on my Samsung 8S+

    Riand S. ,
  • This is by far the best cell phone repair shop around, extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this shop for all repairs. Fast repair and affordable. Donʻt hesitate just go you will be glad you did. Thanks for being the best cell phone repair shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mary C. ,
  • These guys absolutely hooked me up while I was on vacation and totally f'd up my phone. I thought being in the islands I'd get bent over but no. Not only were they fair they did such a good job my phone was like new. Now, I think about breaking my phone to have an excuse to go back to the islands and visit Tyne best repair shop I've found, lol. But really, 10/10 would recommend! Thanks for the hookup guys!

    Ben B. OR,
  • Parts came in ahead of schedule and service was efficient.

    Raleigh B. ,
  • My screen was shattered and my frame was bent from a baseball. Now my phone looks even better from when it was brand new! Was very reasonable with pricing and Did amazing work!! Customer services was an 11 out of 10!! If you have any problems with your phone I highly recommend this place!!! If I could give a 6 star I would’ve.

    Kyle B. ,
  • Twice in the last month Levi has handled cell phone emergencies for friends. He is fast, efficient, and inexpensive. He knows how to explain the options to a panicked customer. I will go to him for all my cell phone challenges.

    Sheri R. HI,
  • This place is a life savor, the are so fast, professional, knowledgeable & Friendly!! A boulder fell on our phone and not only crushed the screen, it was bent. They had it fixed & as good as new in under an hour, VERY REASONABLE COST also. I would highly recommend them to anyone & use them again myself - Mahalo Hawaii Cell Phone Repair

    Nani P. ,
  • Great experience! Fixed my phone while I waited, and replaced an issue (hot spot) immediately. Friendly, informative and helpful. Highly recommend! Thank you!

    Jacquelyn A. ,
  • Excellent and fast service! The guy was very friendly and helpful! Will be returning to him for all my phone repairs and needs! Highly recomended!

    James W. ,
  • Excellent service despite me getting there just as he was locking up. I thought my phone needed a new jack but a quick professional cleaning fixed me up in minutes!

    Devon R. HI, HILO
  • I became desperate when part of my charging cord broke off inside my IPhone. There was no way to charge the phone. Then I was told about HAWAII CELL PHONE REPAIR. The gentleman who took care of my phone was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. He repaired my phone in a half hour and the price told me that he was also honest and fair. Highly recommended.

    Paul S. ,
  • I was very impressed I came in with a iPhone 8+ could not open or download apps he was very helpful and patient Worked with me for at least 30 minutes and was very helpful I recommend him to anybody

    Robby W. HI, HILO
  • Great prices and Levi is very dependable and quick with repairs. Would recommended him above all other cell phone repair guys or shops!

    One Love ,
  • So pleased to know about this place! Highly recommend it. The owner is very knowledgeable, accomodating and efficient.

    Janet C. ,
  • I finally gave up looking for the best price to get my screen replaced (iPhone 7plus). I happened to be driving by and saw this shop open. What a great place. Fast, friendly, and affordable. Dropped off my phone a little after 10am, came back 30 minutes later and it was fixed. Almost didn’t recognize it, it was clean. Looked better than when I left it. Cracked screen not included. He polished it up and made it look new again. First time I’ve ever replaced a screen, I usually go through carrier insurance. But now this is my go to spot. Much Mahalos.

    Shammah H. HI,
  • Very good easy to deal with. Fixed my screen and changed my battery in my iPhone in 20-30min

    Shawn B. ,
  • They did a great job fixing my iPad Pro.. quick professional service!

    Kristin L. ,
  • Awesome job, fast, friendly, informative. Will recommend to all my friends. Thank you!!! Saved me $$$!!!

    Kenani B. Washington,
  • Levi is a very professional guy and was excellent from first phone call through his timely repair. A1

    Bobby G. ,
  • I live on the Kona side and I just happen to be in Hilo and I saw the store at asked Levi do you work on these phones and he said a lot of people don't but I don't mind it he was such a pleasure to work with super friendly super approachable he. Explained to me how much everything was gonna cost that I was asking him to do and we were like super fine with that and then on way back to Kano. He called me and said Hey that wasn't the case it was something much much simpler and he took care of it for me and I said how much do I owe you leave a in he said no charge these guys are super super honest and very friendly I will not be dealing with anybody else with phone issues from now on They're my go to guys Levi also told me he has a guy here in Kona so if anybody needs anything trust me go to them 1st. Danny Scott owner kona Ocean Adventures

    Danny S. HI, Kona
  • QUIT STARING AT A BROKEN SCREEN!!!! These guys can get you seeing clearly and SAVE YOU MONEY. Turnaround is very quick too.

    Shannon S. ,
  • Amazing people to work with! I was on vacation and dropped my phone! They were super fast and had it repaired in no time. Thank you guys!

    Kristie V. ,
  • Great service with very knowledgeable technicians. Highly recommended.

    Mike P. ,
  • Great customer service, great prices, and speedy repairs!!! Best place around!!

    Jeannie W. HI, HILO
  • I stopped into this store in Hope's of getting my screen fixed as I dropped it on the lava rocks and this shop had the parts in stock and got it fixed up in 15 min good as new had for a while now and still working as it should these guys know there stuff and are really helpful and professional 5stars all day thanks you saved my lifeline

    Dave Coons OR,
  • Levi was extremely knowledgeable on the process and was extremely helpful and fast with the repair. He even gave me some pointers on a better case than what I had! I highly recommend this shop for locals and tourists!!

    Nicholas S. OR,
  • Super nice guy! Replaced my Iphone screen and threw in a free screen protector, definitely my go-to phone guy.

    Joshua B HI, HILO
  • Super fast. Came in to get battery replaced in IPhone and was done within 15 minutes. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

    Mike R. HI, Hilo